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Constanly Barraged by owner, Cheated on pay, lied too often, harrassed I worked for All American Solar for 1 Year. Much of the time I was their top sales rep.

The company owes me over $5,000 in commissions in which I am employing a lawyer to recover. They are refusing to pay me the money they owe me after I quit. I quit when we were told to sign this employment agreement that was off the charts in favor of the company. Nobody in their right mind would sign this agreement.

My attorney said you would have to be an *** to sign this. It includes a very restrictive non-compete. One of the owners who manages the sales staff typically calls and insults the sales reps, yells and screams, He expects to sticker shock customers with a ridiculous price then tell them if they work through our pilot program (discounts through the county, state, utilities and federal programs) we can give them this much nicer price. The pilot program doesn't actually exist, Most smarter homeowners know this.

If we don't use this ridiculous lie about the pilot program it involves more yelling and being put down. He then insists you call him if you don't sell the owner so he can try to strong arm them into a sale which never works. If you don't phone close sale or no sale it involves more yelling and screaming. You spend your own money on gas and meals, there is no reimbursement.

You will sometimes have to drive 3 hours to an appointment. Sometimes those appointments are a no show after 3 hours of driving. You just drove six hours too and from and your out gas and six hours of your life and there is no pay. When you do make sales the owner cuts your commissions with new rules he makes up as he goes along.

Two of my customers called into the main office looking to expand their systems. The owner took the calls ran them himself and took the commission. Also if he helps you on a sale he takes part of your commission. He actually agreed to give me a half commission on one of his stolen sales when I threatened to quit.

I never received that payment from the stolen sale. We have 2 weekly staff meetings which are mandatory and your not paid for them. A violation of labor law. The owner who oversees sales tells you how great he is for one hour or more and how the entire sales team is terrible.

His mother actually sits in the meetings. It's weird at best. What he doesn't tell you is he runs all the call ins/lay down leads. The easiest leads to close the people who call us and say I want a system and those leads are run by the owner.

The harder stuff is sent to the staff. He then goes on a tangent about his inflated numbers (he includes credit turn downs and cancellations in his numbers) in these meetings and this pounds chest about how great he is. One meeting he even included two sales he stole from me when they called in. Again it is weird like he is trying to impress his mom who sits in every meeting.

All American Solar is the most dysfunctional company I have ever worked for in my 30 years of working. 2 sales meetings a week which typically are the owner telling you what a great sales person he is and the whole staff is terrible. They get reviews from owners right after installation so if the power production doesn't meet the promises made they already have a good review. They stress getting reviews right after installation before electric bills come in.

There is no work life balance. Between driving and running appointments you run a lot of 10 hour days then work Saturdays and Sundays sometimes. The owner actually gets mad about not running Saturday Appointments because his company should be the most important thing in your life. This after working 5 ten hour days during the week.

After interviewing with many solar companies All American Solar LLC's commission is the lowest in Central Florida. Every company I interviewed with pays more than All American Solar LLC. Our price point is generally higher than everybody else too. The owner regularly calls each sales rep and talks bad about all the other sales reps.

If you are working their and you think you must be doing great because he telling you how bad the other reps are..... Newsflash he calls the other reps and complains about you too.

The one positive is I was trained on equipment in the industry extremely well. This training has made me in the 10% of reps in the industry and now I am cashing in with another company.

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From All American solar I'm only getting about 50 to 60% of my energy needs.


I tried to purchase from them. And when I wanted to cancel they tried so sue me.

Even their contract is made up in a way to screw you over. I was told one thing and when I realized it was the opposite that's when I wished to cancel. But because the 3 day cancellation period had passed. I ended up paying them thousands of dollars to settle the cancellation.

I got nothing from them at all. Not even a screw installed. They tried to get me for the full quoted priced even thou they new they were only entitle to 5% cancellation at my convenience (Per the contract). I was naive to trust them and hoped to get what I requested.

But I was lied to. They knew all along they had me.

They are the most untrustworthy company you will come across. Beware of this company and look somewhere else.


We had a sales at all American Solar Brandon"s mommy was in the meeting .She told Chris which is black and so is she to sit his black *** down.Then he said don't talk to me like that and then called him a *** *** and was calling him a *** in the parking lot.