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I been calling over and over! Electric bill 86 dollars than what’s the use to have panel

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Try calling the owner at 954 295-8190 that’s his cell phone. Very helpful to contact directly for a solution. They will always do what’s right to ensure customer satisfaction.


I got installed solar panels from a top solar installation company called "Solar Tech Elec LLC". Really great experience with them.

They were fast and easy to work with. Our solar panels work great and its been 6 months we are using, they make a huge difference in our utility bill and I am sure in our home value over time.


putting together customers that this company faltered on. are you interested. going through legal representation.


Yes, I was promised that my electric bill would be from 0 to 30 dollars and my electric bill is 90.00 and up Steve Lorenz came over to my house and we call duke energy and were told that the system is not producing enough energy that I need 3 more panels or more ! Steven told me to buy them from them !

Why should I buy them when they make the mistake! My story is to long having problems from day 1!


contact me bob fugate or text 321-233-3641


Please don’t do it with this company! Electric bill !

92.00 monthly! I call the owner they told me give it a year and wait! Most be joking! Not good !

Go for Tesla homedepot ! I regret going with this company! I have my neighbor asking I told him to go with other company!

8 of my neighbors! Next house tesla!

@Bill Johnson 09Bs

They been telling me the same!!