Miami, Florida
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They sent a used car salesman to our home and tried to scam us out of thousands of dollars. They prey on us elders and military veterans and should be shut down.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The manager Virgina at all American Solar which Brandon owns is a convicted felon and Brandon and mommy knows she is and they are sending her into homes that is against the law i will let the Attorney general's office know.


I have recently had dealings with All American Solar and would not recommend them to my worst enemy. I would like to hear your story .


Here is another example of a "competitor" using accusations of both elderly and military abuse as if the company is able to somehow filter out these types of leads and purposely "rip them off". Just like the other comments made by the same person.

All comments were made on 10.20.15 and are literally minutes apart. This is a slap in the face to Military veterans and elderly making them out to be less intelligent than the rest of the population. I would suggest the company that is fabricating these reviews to focus more on their own business and quality of service instead of using these type of tactics that the 99% of people can see right through.

This is a very low brow attempt to slander a good company by a company that has an ax to grind and it's just apparent.


No these are your former employees who you owe money to each and everyone. We know how take advantage of customers and continue to make sure less people get ripped off by All American Solar.