Miami, Florida
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Brandon Bing owner of all American solar is a liar and a cheat and was fired from his previous job for being a scrum bag! He came to our house and tried scamming us out of thousands of dollars.

Stay away and run.

He's a thief and a liar. If you value your money steer clear of this Shyster.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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All American Solar owner Brandon bing sometimes is black then he told me he is 60% black. His daddy is 100% black.his mommy is?.brandon dresses like a cowboy boots and hat.To threw the customer"s off about his race.brandon is a mikeal Jackson trying to be white.brandons mommy called one employee a ***. The bings are very rude and nasty


Solar world they are having problems and may go out of business. All American Solar the owner brandon tells us not to tell the customers .Not one person paid the same price for the same number of panels.


Please contact me, I have recently had dealings with this company and taken to the cleaners by Brandon


Scam artists, liars, meet them you'll see . All American ???? Laughing more like Taliban ha ha steer clear, They take our American dollars.


Please tell me your story, have just been taken by Brandon. Need your help


Yes he is , he came to my disabled uncles house and tried selling him garbage he doesn't need. He tried telling him he didn't need electric hot water no more , he's 86 really.

He tryst to push lots of solar garbage and he's still in diapers.

He's a conference artist. Steer clear and run.


I find it very suspicious that both of these comments were made back to back and if you look at the actual date and complaint or comment number they are literally 4 entries apart from each other..... (Oct 20, 2015 #1051521) and (Oct 20, 2015 #1051517).

As a business owner myself this wreaks of a competitor maliciously slandering both the company and the owner. Not only is the person who wrote the review somehow aware of the employee being "FIRED" but also through in the "Disabled" and "Elderly" comment to garner more attention and make it appears as though the company representative is "targeting" disabled people and the elderly which is an escalated offense in most states. I give this review about as much clout as the 5 day weather forecast here in the "Sunshine State". I think that about says it all!

Companies that resort to this type of behavior are generally the worse of all and feel it necessary to mislead and slander another company that they're just not able to outshine the traditional way. That's my two cents...


This comment was written by Kevin Bing father of Brandon Bing. He owns a consulting business.


They do pray on disable veterans.


Yes they do