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Two seniors scared to death of another line of hurricanes and power blackouts with Deltona, Debary and Orange City in their path making us both prolific a writers being prolific enough, telling other prospective All American Solar customers to beware: (a) Beware of needing to call Sheriff's deputies for the purpose of throwing out two con men (a phony nice one and a real ***) coming to your house refusing to leave. All this after playing the AAS 'good cop-bad cop shakedown', threatening liens on your house, ruining your good name, and suing you and your wife saying that over a week's time they imported an entire industrial yard of finished goods all the way from another time zone just to equip your house with solar electricity (day but not night). (b) Beware of a breakfast nook shouting match (at you the disabled vet and your insulted wife) when you wakeup to the fact payment terms don't living up to your expectations, thus realizing Brandon Bing's and Richard Pardue's All American Solar installation agreements aren't worth the non-binding paper its fine print is printed on.

Product or Service Mentioned: All American Solar Solar Panel Installation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Please go away.

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Richard Pardue has been screwing Seniors long before his second stint at AAS. Richard had to leave AAS because his deals were so bad even Crooked Brandon Bing couldn’t deal with them.

Richard would tell you his system would get rid of your electric bill and promise all sorts of things that couldn’t be done to get your signature. After installation more than half your electric bill would still be owed. So Richard and Crooked Brandon parted ways. Richard came back to blue after Brandon’s entire sales staff quit.

So with nobody on staff it was time to bring back the con artist he wanted gone for his dishonest sales. Crooked Brandon and Richard make their living preying on Seniors. The old equipment they use and ridiculous margins on their work require a lack conscience. In their analysis of your electric needs they tell you each of their panels will produce 290 watts because that is the max the inverter can make but they use a panel which th too small of DC wattage to ever make 290 AC Watts.

This is a big reason their systems fall short. Their faulty math at your dining or kitchen room table. When I worked for this clown he would actually tell me to stay in the home till the police are called. Told him if that is the case I quit.

They basically sell you 4 year old panels at a premium price. AAS makes out huge.

You the consumer gets screwed big time. If they threaten to sue you and try to get you to settle for signing a contract just let them go to voicemail they eventually go away.

@Former AAs

putting together customers and prior employees that this company has faltered on. are you interested in joining? going through legal representation.


Yes I do! I’m having same issues! Electric bill to high